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Review: Rocky Rice bars

When most people turn to a gluten free diet, whether out of requirement or preference, the first thing they worry about missing is a decent slice of pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good slice of pepperoni as much as the next person. But, in my case, the things I was most worried about missing out on were good sweet treats – biscuits, cakes and the like. Many people suggested that I try chocolate covered rice cakes and, although the chocolate element sorted out my sweet tooth, the cocoa:rice cake ratio was all out of kilter (aka not enough chocolate for my liking). Plus, the rice cake part was often all chewy and too much like eating Styrofoam – not my idea of a taste bud tempter. So, when the kind folk at Rocky Rice offered to send me some of their chocolate rice cake bars to try out, I was interested to see if they could offer anything more appealing.


The answer? Most definitely – say hello to a brand new chocolate rice cake convert! Entirely gluten free, Rocky Rice bars come in three different flavours: plain milk chocolate, milk chocolate and strawberry, and dark chocolate and orange – so you’ve got options to alternate between rather than just having to stick with the plain milk or dark chocolate flavours that other rice cakes tend to come in. It’s (genuinely) a tough call, but I’ll put it out there that the chocolate orange one is my favourite of the trio as it’s got a great intense flavour.

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Big plus points are earned for the fact that the puffed rice centre is not all chewy, and has a good snap to it when you take a bite. Another bonus is that the entire bar is coated in chocolate, not just on one side (as is the case with most rice cakes on the market). However, despite this extra bit of cocoa coating and the more indulgent feel this creates, each bar clocks in at under 100 cals – so it’s perfect if you want a sweet treat but are trying to eat more healthily, too. The other thing I’ve found really handy with these bars compared to their counterparts is their shape and size. Each is individually wrapped, so can be easily popped in your bag for an on-the-go snack; plus, their long rectangular shape is far more handbag-friendly than circular rice cakes that can be a bit more bulky and awkward.

With big wins on all counts, Rocky Rice bars are definitely one of my new gluten free snacking favourites – never something I thought I’d say about a rice cake! Head to to find out more, including where you can get your hands on some to try for yourself.