Review: Made Good Granola Minis

made good apple cinnamon 1.png

When you’re gluten free, finding snacks to eat on-the-go that aren’t laden with refined sugar and calories can be tricky – and pricey. So imagine my delight when I came across the little Made Good Apple Cinnamon Mini granola bites, at only 90 cals per little bag, made with coconut sugar, and costing only 75p (about $1). I’d seen them on various Instagram feeds and had been curious to try them out, so was pleased that a lucky stumble in to an As Nature Intended store in south London led to me getting to try them out.

I’m not going to lie, when I bit into the first one, my initial thought was, ‘oh, it’s a bit dry’; I guess I thought the fruity bits would make them slightly more juicy. Then another thought occurred to me – granola is generally dry in texture, which is why we tend to chuck it in with some milk or yoghurt; plus, the fruit part here only comprises a small proportion of the bite. So, after my momentary mental whine, I focused on the flavours, and boy, are they good. The apple and raisin pieces provide a welcome touch of natural sweetness and, while the cinnamon takes a couple of bites to properly come through, when it does, it hits all the right tastebud spots.

There’s about 10 bites in each bag, making them pretty good value for money; and the oaty content makes them more filling than you think their small size might lead them to be. The store also had the Chocolate and Banana Minis, but I’m somewhat less keen on banana and annoyingly I can’t seem to track down the other two Granola Mini flavours that I am more desperate to try out – Strawberry and Chocolate Chip. If anyone knows where I can find these in London, please let me know! In the meantime, it’s back to stocking up on the Apple Cinnamon – just the right size for popping in my handbag (and then straight into my mouth)…